Karen  New York,NY
Thank you Andrew. Resume is terrific!!!

Tyler  New York,NY
I highly recommend Andrew. I can't believe how he transformed my resume from what it was. I wish I had found him years ago. 

Sarah  New York,NY
Thank you for all your hard work Andrew. I've already gotten interview calls!!! 

Paul  Nashville,TN
I highly recommend the skills of Andrew Targovnik. Before I found him, I looked at a number of companies and even paid for executive resumes from two of them and both were lame. Once I contacted Andrew, things went much better and within a short period of time, I found an ideal job that matched my skill-set. He took the time to find out my unique talents and abilities and then incorporated them into the keyword pool at the top of my resume. Between this and optimizing my LinkedIn page, it was a slam dunk and worth
every penny I spent. I also used his services to develop and design a customized cover letter which I believe got me the interview.

Alicia  Bronx,NY
Andrew! I got a call from the recruiter today for the Customer Service Liaison position you had updated my resume for!!!! I just can't stop thanking you for all you've done for my career. Before I ever had my resume remodeled by you, they wouldn't even consider my application. Thank you so much! 

George  Jacksonville,FL
Andrew: I don't know if you remember me but you rewrote my resume and made it a complete success! I just wanted to say thank you! I landed a job making more money. Thank you again so much!

Candy  Long Island,NY
Andrew: I wanted to let you know I sent the new resume out today and received an email immediately to schedule an interview with CFO. I was so excited. It has been 11 years since I sent out a resume and to get such a quick response, is all thanks to you!

John  New York,NY

Andrew did a great job on my resume. I am impressed!

Sandy  Sacramento ,CA

I can't believe how great my resume looks. I already have an interview. Thank you for all your time and effort.

Jason  Worecester,MA
Andrew...I went back and changed all my posted resumes to the new resume that you created. I have been getting calls from recruiters and headhunters left and right. I am truly amazed by the results.Thank you again.

Jason  Worcester,MA
I was always skeptical of resume writing services until now. Andrew walked me through the entire process before any payments took place. Once the process began, Andrew took the time to learn all aspects of my job and profession. I am amazed at the format and the content of my new resume - it is clean, crisp and looks amazing. He is a true professional and he delivers amazing results.

Jon  St. Paul,MN

Andrew transformed my resume into a great executive document. I have already received interest from a couple of potential employers.

Beverly  Austin,Texas
"Andy did an awesome job of making my resume look professional. He is easy to work with and quick to get the job done. I am very satisfied with how the final copy turned out. He is great about finding out your best skills and reflecting these in your resume. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a job and needs to have a more professional resume."

David  Philadelphia,PA

As soon as I put my resume out that Andrew wrote, I got immediate response!

Greg  New York,NY
Thank you Andrew. You really took the time to get to know my strengths and what I can offer a prospective employer. The resume looks great! 

Josephine  Miami,Fl
Wow. Great job on my resume!!! 

Sarah  Los Angeles,CA
Much thanks to Andrew for rewriting my resume. Already got 2 interviews!

Richard  Muttontown,NY
“I am recommending Andrew Targovnik, President of Professional Executive Resumes. Andrew is a seasoned professional and will be a great partner to those of you who need assistance writing your resume. Andrew is extremely thorough in his analysis and his research techniques are phenomenal. Andrew is a pleasure to work with and will go the extra mile to produce a quality document that will best represent you in the employment market. His approach is more like that of a career coach than resume writer. Having just completed the process, I am extremely satisfied with my resume. Contact Andrew if you’re looking for expert guidance on a very important document.” January 17, 2012

Sabrina  Louisville,KY
Andrew really took my mish-mosh of information and made it into a great resume!  I've already been contacted for an interview.

Scott  Raleigh,NC
Andrew did excellent work in crafting a professional and dynamic resume.  The in-depth process that Andrew uses assures that the most relevant information is highlighted in the resume.  Prior to Andrew's work, my resume lacked a signature look and feel.  He did a really good job of making my resume stand out and be noticed.

Nick  Northern,CA
Since the business industry is constantly changing and employers are looking for something unique.  Andrew helped me highlight my core competencies. He structured my resume so that can change it easily based on my needs so I can manipulate it (adding words, format, etc). I had a good resume already, but he made it even better so I can get the salary I deserve. – From cover letter to thank you letter. He is very good with the KEY WORDS needed to get the employers attention. Well what can say, I’m working now and very happy with current position.

Rose  Queens,NY
I had to create a new resume and I contacted Andrew.  Andrew assured me that I would be very happy and satisfied and he was right.   Andrew has you involved in the process along with him; he doesn't just create a generic resume.  He is very thorough and he created a resume that highlighted my capabilities and career goals. Andrew captured everything I wanted to have in my resume.  I have submitted my resume to some recruiters and they commented on how professional and thorough my resume looks.  I highly recommend Andrew.    He's professional, patient and he gives you the results you are looking for.

Brian  Austin,TX
I found myself suddenly out of work with a resume that was not only outdated but also not very well structured.  The notion of completely rewriting it from scratch was a bit overwhelming and, while time was of the essence, I did not want to rush through the process and create a resume that would not reflect my background and experience in the most positive light possible.  I contacted Andy and in a matter of  two or three emails and phone calls he was able to gather the key data points of my career and quickly turn around a very well written, polished and professional resume.  Within 3 weeks of completion I had an offer letter in hand and several other interviews in process.  Engaging Andy to assist with my resume was easily one of the best investments I have made in my professional career.

Michele  New York,NY

I decided it was time to look for a new job, but when I dug up my resume, I realized how outdated and unacceptable it was to send out to prospective employers.  Andrew Targovnik transformed it into something that really detailed my professional career and accomplishments.  He took the time to ask me questions to make sure my resume was not just a generic one full of impressive words,  but one that really expressed and personalized MY capabilities.  I am now very proud of my resume and have sent it out to prospects and have gotten several responses!  I recommend Andrew VERY highly and know that anyone who works with him will be more than satisfied with the results. 


Norman  Austin,TX

Looking for a job can be challenging, terrifying and discouraging.  I decided to re-enter the workforce after selling my business of 10 years.  My biggest concern when I began my search was how best to write a resume that highlighted my professional and personal growth.  The resume that was crafted for me by the guidance of another professional service left potential employers concerned about the time I had spent away from my industry running my own business.  After meeting and working with Andy, potential employers and recruiters began seeing my background as the logical growth of the ambitious professional I am.  Confidence restored! 

I highly recommend that anyone undertaking a career change or job search first schedule an appointment with Andy Targovnik!  It will be time well spent, guaranteed!

Sari  Tenafly,NJ
I just got 2 job offers! After being a stay at home mom for the past 9 years, I needed an excellent resume to get me back into the working world.   I turned to Andy for his expertise in presenting my credentials in the best way possible.  He was responsive, professional and knowledgeable in getting my resume completed.  Andy understood my vision for presenting my experience and achievements.  I highly recommend him to everyone

Margaret E, Marketing Executive  North Palm Beach,FL
I've sent my new resume that Andrew wrote to a number of recruiters and the opening comment is always the same: "Your resume is extremely well written!" This is especially important to me because it is an indication that the hiring managers are taking notice of my credentials and have actually read my resume. I can only take credit for the professional experience; Andrew is the one who made it shine!

Frank  Houston,Texas
Andrew really understands how to get an executive's background on paper.  When I wrote my own resume, I couldn't get an an interview. Now I have several.  Andrew's services are worth every penny!

Wendy F  Boca Raton,FL
"Wow!! Andrew converted what I thought was an adequate resume and turned it into a professional document. His personal and sensitive style is invaluable. Andrew's company, Professional Executive Resumes, is what everybody (whether looking for a new job or not) needs. I am so impressed with his ability to reformat, restructure and rewrite my resume. Make the investment with will be glad you did!"

Ron M  Syosset,NY
I've been in my own real estate building business for most of my life. With the economy downturn, I need to find a position working for someone else.  Andrew really was able to transfer my skills on paper so I can compete with others that have an advantage over me in the job market.

Robert B, Attorney  Plainview,NY
All I have to say is WOW!  I not only got more interviews than I was getting, but I got the job I wanted.  The interviewer even commented on how good my resume was.  I totally recommend Professional Executive Resumes!

Nicole H  Boca Raton,FL
Nicole H, Marketing Executive  Boca Raton,FL
I didn't think I needed someone to write my resume, but after not getting any calls back after 3 weeks of job hunting, I contacted Professional Executive Resumes and got three interviews. Thanks Andy!